air to air heat pump

Air to Air Heat Pump

It basically works like a common fridge in reverse so it will extract heat from the air outside where it is positioned. Even in the cold months the Heat Pump will still work up to -15 degrees.

They do require electricity to run but the heat they are extracting from the air is being renewed as a natural process.

They will then produce warm air which is circulating by fans throughout your home.


The Air to Air Heat Pump will efficiently heat your property during the cold winter months but also provide cooling in the summer. This will effectively give you a climate controlled environment all year round.

Some of the Heat Pumps installed by us also have filtering systems whereby the air that is expelled in the cooling process is filtered which obviously provide benefits for allergy sufferers.

Does not need a lot of space for installation.

Consider what fuel is being replaced: if it’s electricity, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or coal, the payback will be more favourable than gas.


This system does not cater for hot water in the property