Our Partners

We are partners with the following heat pump companies and can therefore provide you with assistance from the initial design phase through to the commissioning of the system we install.

Kensa Heat Pumps

kensa logo

Kensa is a British company specialising in Ground Source Heat Pumps for the British market. They are a quality heat pump and are reasonably priced and they come as a kit which in most cases includes the underground pipework as well.

Panasonic Heat Pumps


Panasonic are one of the best low cost heat pumps we have looked at and have a large range of monoand split system heat pumps.

Ochsner Heat Pumps


Ochsner are a premium heat pump manufacturer which makes all types of heat pumps from 2.4kw hot water pumps to industrial pumps. These are arguably the best heat pumps available on the market – We are also system partners with Ochsner and supply and install.